Thursday, November 7, 2013

Utter Happiness

Any guesses on the topic for today's blog post?

Did you say happiness? Ding ding ding we have a winner! How did you know?

Today was a good day. I feel like I start a lot of posts like this, but, well... ok so I don't really have an excuse. Unless an obsession and mad love for happiness counts.

Sometimes, I'm walking through the halls and I'm pretty sure anyone within several feet of me thinks I have completely lost my mind. I'll have this strange look on my face because I'm trying to contain a laugh that's swelling in my chest and the only way to stop it is to smile nice and wide like a total goof. Sometimes I don't quite suppress it and a little giggle pops out, high pitched and all. This usually happens after I've passed a best friend in the hall or I have left a particularly amazing class. Or I've left a class that was so terrible it's funny. But we're focusing on happy things.

Sometimes I get this crazy, overwhelming desire to move. To skip and jump and cartwheel and handstand and twirl. Especially twirl. Right there in the middle of the school I want to start twirling because gosh darn it, I'm happy. And happiness is best expressed in twirling. It's a fact. Edenbrooke, anyone?

*Side note: Edenbrooke is like one of my all time favorite books. The main character, Marianne Daventry, has a habit of twirling when she's happy. Nature is what inspires her desire to twirl. She says, "In my rapture, I closed my eyes, tipped my head back, and twirled with my arms outstretched, wanting to take in everything, with every sense. It was so glorious! It was so divine!"

Well, tonight was a night that made me want to twirl. I am in National English Honor Society, and we had one of our coffeehouses tonight. Coffeehouse is like my dream. Some read poetry and book excerpts, others sing or play instruments, there's food, and overall it's just a good time. I love it. Everyone there tonight was so talented and there was no judgement and ah, it was just wonderful. Plus I made mint chocolate chip cookies and they were a total hit. They're becoming my signature treat (thank you Pinterest!). Walking to my car afterwards was a moment when I wanted to twirl. To look at least decently sane, I just jumped down some stairs, skipped to my car, and sang at the top of my lungs to some old songs all the way home.

Now for some pictures of happiness.
And that is the story of my happiness (or should we say insanity?). The end.
Sincerely, mad