Thursday, November 14, 2013

mad Obsession: Lipstick

You could say I'm obsessed. I could tell you the brand and color name of every single one. It's kind of a problem. And actually I've added two other tubes since those pics were taken...

So yeah. Lipstick. I love it. Like leaving the house without it is similar to forgetting to put in my earrings or charge my phone or something of equal annoyance. I center entire outfits around what shade of lipstick I want to wear that day. Mascara and lipstick are tied for most important makeup item. I care more about my lip color than my shoes. Is that weird? Maybe. Does that weirdness bother me? No.
I mean, lipstick is just so classy! Red lipstick especially. I am constantly on the hunt for the PERFECT red. Not orange, not pink, not purple. Red. Let me know if you find one, yeah?

Sincerely, mad