Friday, November 29, 2013


Happy Thanksgiving, yesterday!
Each year we go to my grandma's house for dinner. My dad fries the turkey in the driveway while the moms make mashed potatoes and green beans and pies inside. We spend practically all day over at Grandma's with cousins, and we have a blast. I'm not a huge Thanksgiving feast person myself, but I sure do love being with my family.
^^^That, my friends, is a cookie sandwich, concocted by my cousin Matthew. Two oatmeal sugar cookies, each coated with vanilla frosting, with whipped cream in the middle. Apparently it's delicious. Like "I can't finish this it's that good." (Quoted from the creator himself)^^^

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I figured I'd list five things I'm grateful for. Are you ready?
1. Family. I had to do it. Everyone puts that as their number one, but really, my fam takes the cake. Really and truly I'm the luckiest girl. 
2. Friends. Real, true, wonderful friends. Friends that know everything about you-your quirks and worries and fears-and love you anyway. Friends that know what makes you happy and even if it doesn't make them excited, they don't judge.
^^^I have lots of great friends, but Megan is one of the very best. And one of the few ok with taking pictures with me. Plus I just really love this picture and needed an excuse to share it.:-)^^^
3. Fall. I have fallen in love with autumn this year. Mother Nature just killed it. The leaves, the weather, man it's been wonderful. I hope heaven is a place were it's fall all the time.
^^^Please tell me I'm not the only one swooning over those red and yellow leaves that decorate my street.^^^
4. Crossfit. I love it. I love how it keeps me in shape. I love the friends I've made. I seriously have a whole clan of crossfit mothers, and I for one am completely ok with it. I love how it makes me form goals and push harder to accomplish them. I love the feeling I get when I finally master something, like a handstand or rope climbing. I just flat out LOVE crossfit!
^^^I also really love this picture of me and my dad after a workout. I don't really know why, but it's one of my favorites.^^^
5. Boots. I had to include one silly thing. But really, I love boots. I would wear them everyday if I had enough skinny jeans to last me through the week. Maybe that's another reason I love fall-I'm a boots and sweater weather girl at heart. No coats though. Coats and I aren't friends. So yeah. Fall and I are besties. 
Well, I could go on, but I'll just leave you with that. Let Christmas time commence!

Sincerely, mad

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