Sunday, November 10, 2013

That One Day in November We Went on a Boat

So yesterday a couple friends and I went to a lake about an hour and a half away and rode a boat. Andrew and Shealyn were all in for water skiing and tubing, but I was having none of that. I hardly get in the water in July. There was no way I was jumping in in November. That's hypothermia waiting to happen.

In an effort to avoid the status of total lame-o, I designated myself group photographer. I wasn't very good at it to be honest. The boys were the ones getting real pictures- I just kept snapping away at the trees. Leaves in the fall already kill me. Add a lake to the picture? I was practically swooning. Way to go Mother Nature. You're totally killing it.

The lake was a blast. All four of us took turns driving the boat, and we plugged in Andrew's iPod and turned the music up and basically sang at the top of our lungs in the middle of the lake. Being Miss Over Prepared, I brought blankets and handwarmers and jackets to spare, so a good portion of the time was spent trying to tuck the blankets in because the wind was not our friend. Talk about Marilyn Monroe moments.
^^^Totally not even posed. Plus, I can take credit for this pic!^^^
^^^Proof that I drove. And I would just like to say that I am the safest and most cautious driver ever. Even though no one else was on the lake, I went so slow and probably didn't travel farther than 20 feet the first time I drove for fear of hitting the shore. I am such a scaredy cat.^^^
^^^Pardon Orrin's finger, but I love this pic of me and Shealyn. Love that girl.^^^
^^^We felt like we were flying! And we totally gave up on our hair. I had so many knots it was ridiculous.^^^
^^^I must have been a decent driver because instead of fearing for their lives while I was at the wheel, the three of them took selfies.^^^

Man, Saturday was a day to remember. Add boating to the list of things that weren't on the senior year bucket list but should have been.

Sincerely, mad