Monday, December 9, 2013

Because I Don't Talk About the Weather Enough Around Here

The weather on Friday was perfection. Not December weather, perfect weather. Like walk outside and you can't even feel the air and you wonder if you walked into a new room of your house or if you're really outside. It's glorious. Pretty much. Except for the fact that it's December and Christmas time and that means there should be snow. There is a cold weather girl in my heart, but I'm stuck in sweet, warm Georgia. New York I'm coming! (in like 10 years!)
Anyways. I was outside waiting for my siblings' bus to come, so I plopped myself down on the front steps to take in the beauty that is the earth. Everything was various shades of gray and brown, and the branches were quietly scraping together. As I sat there in perfect silence and peace, the tiniest hint of a breeze slid past, blowing my hair softly across my face. It was like when you're watching a movie and the main character is in deep thought outside alone and she's looking off into the distance and her hair is brushing her face and halfway blocking her eyes but she doesn't do anything to fix it. So basically I felt like a movie star for a solid 15 seconds. Pretty good Friday I'd say.
Full disclosure: as soon as I typed up a blog post about perfect, not-December weather, Mother Nature remembered what time of year it was and decided to grace us with several days of rain and cold. Now I miss the pretty weather. Oh well, rain boots today it was!
^^^Because a picture of our Christmas tree I took two weeks ago totally applies to this blog post, right?^^^

Sincerely, mad

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