Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Monday Funday

You know what I love about taking Oceanography? The fact that Mac (Ms. Macdonald) plans a field trip to the Georgia Aquarium the first day back from Thanksgiving Break. We only had to go to first period (AP Lit, my favorite!), and then we traveled downtown. We went on a behind the scenes tour, so we got to see the animals from above rather than from the sides. I'm not a big animal/science person, but it was fun nonetheless. We got out of school, so obviously it was a good day.
We got to go to the CNN Center for lunch, and I was able to get my favorite food, Taco Bell. I also snagged a Chickfila milkshake (just so you know, if you ask for chocolate in your cookies and cream shake, you will get heaven in a cup).
On our walk back through Centennial Park, we stopped to snap a couple of pics by the humongous Christmas tree.
Not really sure what is going on with Julia on the side, but I'm obsessed with this pic (I have two more exactly like this, Julia is just in a different position. none of the pictures have her as part of the group). Love the people, love the place, loved the day. The end.

Sincerely, mad