Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Things That Are Good For the Soul

Ice cream and Taylor Swift are good for the soul. Today was one of those days where I came home from school fuming about something someone said that was really of no consequence and five years from now I won't even remember. But it bothered me nonetheless (life's not perfect? what? but really, this blog needs to show real life, not just the fairy tale stuff). I came home in a vindictive fury and almost unable to function. My angel of a friend Megan gave me sound advice- go get ice cream. So I did. I went to Bruster's and got mint chocolate chip in a cake cone (the chocolate chips were HUGE. I have never seen such big chocolate chips in my life. It was fabulous.). I then proceeded to blast Taylor Swift lyrics all night long and I sang at the top of my lungs and danced around the dining room when I had the house to myself.
Several hours later I was functioning like a calm and collected person and felt on top of the world. You know how a passionate rage can often lead to numbness and emptiness when it subsides? This anger left me in an empowering mood. My confidence was sky high as I danced around the house. My smile was a mile wide as I sang my heart out.
^^^Yeah, a smile like that! Except even bigger!^^^
So an afternoon that started off horribly ended up being a wonderful night. My conclusion is that ice cream and Taylor Swift are good for the soul. They will solve all your problems. Try it sometime. It works, promise.

Sincerely, mad

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