Saturday, December 14, 2013


So crossfit. I. LOVE. IT. I don't think you understand. Mom started going in February of 2012 and she would come home sooooo sore. She kept telling me she would take me in the summer, that it would be good for me, stuff like that. And my response every time was, "but I don't want to go. You die at crossfit. Why would I want to go do that to myself?"

Well of course she won because she's mom and that's how these things usually go. My first day of crossfit was Memorial Day of 2012, and I have been hooked ever since. I refuse to quit. I am in love!

I am the only non-adult at crossfit. Everyone else is older with jobs, or at least in college. I am actually more comfortable at crossfit than I am at school sometimes! Those people are my best friends. What is so great about crossfit is that they don't judge and it's not a competition. We are all just there to do our personal best, regardless of what is going on around us. Sometimes when I am going particularly slow, Mom or Dana (one of my very dearest crossfit friends, aka my crossfit mom) will do extra rounds or reps so that I don't have to be the last one working out. That's how amazing these people are.

Last Saturday was the crossfit holiday party, and let me just say, I have not been that excited for a social event in forever. I don't remember the last time I was so excited to go out. See, this is what we normally look like at crossfit…
^^^I was pulled between two teams! There was an odd number of people so I had to switch sides each round. Then Karen, the lady that runs the gym (aka the photographer), made us set up like this for a pic. I kind of love it.^^^

And this is what we look like at the party...
And we all know that I rather like being dressed up. So I get pretty excited for these parties. I was blasting Sara Barielles while I was getting ready and trying on all sorts of different outfits trying to pick the cutest one. Not like they really care- they see me in tshirts and running shorts sans makeup at 7 am on Saturday mornings. So I guess anything I wore would be a step up haha.

Here are a few more photos from the night for your viewing pleasure!
^^^My team for the games! We did that game where you have a list of Christmas carols but their names are weird, like "Human Being of Crystalized Vapor" for "Frosty the Snowman," and you have to figure out the actual name.^^^
 ^^^I was kind of in my element for this game. I mean, Christmas songs and a word game? Mallory heaven!^^^
 ^^^Only a bunch of crossfitters would have a planking contest at a holiday party.^^^
^^^Sitting next to my crossfit mom! My parents were out of town so she really took on the role of my mother. Love ya Dana!

Until next year crossfitters! Or at least until the next workout...

Sincerely, mad

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