Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Hey! Let's Do a Book Review.

So we've established that I'm a bookworm right?
Ok good.
Without further ado, I present… a book review! How fun, right? You're excited, I know.

Now before I go gushing on about how perfect Bill Bryson is, I need to say something. Before you start thinking I like naughty words, I must say that he cursed a little too often for me. The book would have been just as funny without the naughty words. Just know I am not an advocate of cursing. More exciting alternatives include, "what in the world?" and my personal favorite, "oh snap!"

Now for the raving part. I love England. I don't think you understand. I am having this serious internal debate right now about whether to go to this amazing summer program at Oxford University in Oxford, or if I should just travel to London for a week with my parents. It's a tough decision I'm telling you. Stay in my comfort zone or experience heaven for a month? Decisions decisions!

Back to the book. My angel of a literature teacher (who just so happens to be just as obsessed with England as I am) loaned me Bill Bryson's Notes From a Small Island. He is a hoot! If I ever grow up into a writer (outside this blog of course!), I want my writing to sound like his. I feel like he is sitting next to me, telling his tales in all their exaggerated glory with hand motions and facial expressions to match. We have a party, Bill Bryson and I. He's just, you know, not actually there.

Notes From a Small Island is all about his escapades around England before he moves back to the US. He hasn't lived in America for twenty years and is taking the plunge back into the New World. Before he leaves he wants to roam the streets of his past and really experience England in all of its glory.

For someone like me, who is obsessed with all things British, this book is perfect. I'm not done yet, and quite frankly I hope it never ends. I get to live out my dream through his words, and I am thoroughly enjoying myself. If you're obsessed with England, you should read it to! And then tell me about it! And then my party can grow to three people, two present and one in spirit! Sound like a plan? Ok good. I'm excited.

Sincerely, mad

P.S. Forget center aligning in posts, we're doing whatever the last option is. Cool? Cool.
P.P.S. Anyone else notice how I've blogged three times this week already? I'm on fire!

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