Friday, February 28, 2014

February Photo a Day

Is it just me, or did February go by A LOT faster than January? I mean, I know it's three days shorter, but really, January took forever and February did not. And February was wonderful, so it could have lasted longer! I turned 18 and became an adult, partied with the most fabulous crossfitters around, got to visit with my long lost cousin (actually she's not long lost, she just lives up in DC, but that seems far enough away to consider her long lost), and I got accepted to BYU and the summer program in Oxford I'm dying over! What are you thinking March? Can you top February? Are we going to sprint or take it at a snail's pace?

You'll notice that selfies are back. I've lost all shame and embarrassment and take selfies all the time. It's ridiculous and awesome and my favorite. Judge me if you like, but I'm having way to much fun to care. And yes I cheated and used the whitagram app to make some of my pictures fit in a square. It's upsetting but I liked the pics too much to cut anything out.
So long February, you've been fun. March, suit up, you're on.

Sincerely, mad

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