Monday, March 3, 2014

mad Obsession: Maroon

So I guess you could say this is my favorite color?

My favorite color for the first eight years of my life was purple. My favorite animal was a penguin. When I was eight I came to the realization that there are other colors and other animals out there to choose from and from that day forward I was the kid that said she loved every color and every animal. Now flash forward ten years to when I'm eighteen. I find myself sitting in my room in maroon tights, a maroon skirt, with maroon lipstick on and knitting a maroon scarf. So I guess I can't say I don't have a favorite color anymore. Well actually, I can say whatever I want, but the above photo seems to contradict the no color bias declaration. I should probably also point out that maroon and gold are the colors of the rival high school... sorry blue and orange, I'm not feelin it. Maroon and gold have got you beat. (update in the animal department- i call one of our dogs freak and don't really care for the zoo. i'm not an animal hater, no matter what my siblings say. animals and i just aren't best friends.)

Update: I wrote this two weeks ago and it's been patiently sitting in my drafts, but I'm wearing the maroon lipstick again. It's my favorite. Congrats maroon, you win the title of Sincerely, mad's official favorite color.

Sincerely, mad

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