Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Around Here Lately Part 2

I know I just did one of these posts, but I had a couple more ideas that I wanted to write down before I lost them. You know me, gotta remember every little thing and document it with both pictures and words.

I got my very own laptop for my birthday and oh my goodness my world has changed. It's wonderful! I don't have to ask for a turn, no one asks to take it from me, I have all of my photos in one place, I got photoshop (i still have absolutely no idea how to use that...), I can write whenever I want, basically it's everything I dreamed it would be. Megan asked me what it's name was, then told me never mind it's weird to name your laptop, but she didn't tell me that fast enough for me to not name it, so my laptop is named Candace. We're going to blame the fact that we're reading The Sound and The Fury in AP Lit for that one. By the way that book is amazing and blowing my mind and just another reason why I love literature. My respect and admiration for William Faulkner grows by the word.

Because of all of the school we missed because of Georgia's ice storms, we have to go to school for 30 extra minutes everyday until May 14th. I'm trying to see the positive in this, aka no cutting into summer, and think about how awesome it will be to come home at 2:10 on May 15th!

Drop what you're doing right this very second and go to google maps. I had a little bit of fun with it and looked up my old house in Pittsburgh and basically relived my entire childhood. Bike riding down the street to Jenna's with my Cheetah Girl's CD and Target bags full of Sweet Streets and Fisher Price people and the Happy Family Barbie dolls all came rushing back. I saw the park and the hill we sled down in my backyard and basically felt like a little kid again. Which is awesome because ever since I turned 18, adulthood seems to be coming at me way too fast. Go google your childhood, it's surreal. And if you don't want to do that or are like me and want to keep google mapping things (yes, we're making it a verb now), go look up Oxford, England. That's where I will be spending a month this summer (it's official! this blog is going to be so exciting come july! sincerely, mad takes england!) and I kid you not my heart actually stopped. It's gorgeous. The row houses, the colors, the ancient buildings, the trees, take me now! I want to live there! I just might die!
^^^Some of my favorite pics with my dad.^^^

Today is my dearest darlingest father's birthday! Gee whiz Dad you're the best. The older I get the more I realize we are a lot alike, and that makes me oh so happy.  Just last night we were both sitting on the counter with our feet propped up on either the island or the fridge, and I just got this wave of love in my heart for you. I know you will always be my movie watching buddy, my car singing duet partner, and last minute Taco Bell and late night Chickfila milkshake run companion. I can count on you and tell you anything, and I wouldn't want anyone else as my dad. Happy birthday Daddy-o!

Sincerely, mad

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