Monday, April 7, 2014

Roadtrippin' It

The Duffs roadtripped it up to Pittsburgh this weekend! Getting older has changed me and now I'm a fan of long car rides. I mean, it's really just a series of naps laced with a couple family jam sessions and pretty landscapes, am I right? My phone camera and those weird neck pillow things have been my best friends.
Wow, being up in Pittsburgh is making me all sorts of nostalgic. We've passed both of our old houses, my old elementary school, and hung out with our old friends. It makes me feel so old! The kids that were babies when we left are now practically teenagers! Seeing all of the places that made up my 8-year-old world make me wonder how things would be different if we hadn't moved. Would I still like english and fashion? Would I still be friends with my besties from kindergarten? Would Taco Bell still be the best food ever? It's almost scary to think about how different my whole world could have been.

Sincerely, mad

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