Monday, July 14, 2014

Bikes, Bath, and Beyond!

Well, this weekend was just jam packed full of a bunch of great stuff! Saturday was a trip to Stonehenge and Bath. To be honest, Stonehenge was a bit smaller than I imagined, but that in no way diminished any of the magic of this ancient monument. I was lucky enough to score a seat on the first bus (which left the earliest), so I had almost two hours to walk around the site, take ton of pictures and listen to the audio tour. Then we made our way to Bath, and I loved it. We had the opportunity to tour the Roman baths, and guess what! Bill Bryson was one of the commentators in the audio tour! I loved getting to listen to him talk about the baths (remember that one time i did a book review? i know, i'm cringing at the awkwardness of that post too). You could get right up close to the water in the baths, so close that if I had felt like it I could walk down the stair and straight into the water. Seeing as the water was opaque and green and I'm not a fan of bacteria infested water, though, I refrained. I did, however, drink from the spring inside, and although I am happy to report that I enjoyed the experience of drinking ancient water from the depths of the earth, I must say it was nasty. You know the aftertaste of blood and the smell of coins? That's what it tasted like. Warm and metallic. Yuck. I did try my first pasty though, and although I have no idea what was in it and it could just be my starving stomach talking, it was delicious.

In other major news, London redeemed itself this weekend. Just when I thought my love for London was dying, the city graced us with sunny skies and the most beautiful weather you've ever seen. I was able to go for a bike tour through all of the parks, and the inside of the city is just absolutely gorgeous. London, I forgive you for all the rain and grayness. You made up for it with your palaces and flowers and cyclists and for teaching me how to have enough balance to take selfies while riding a bike. Oh, and for keeping us all from dying when we crossed the streets. That was nice. As I pedaled through Hyde Park I couldn't help but think, I'll be back. I don't know when, but I'll be coming back.

Sincerely, mad


  1. the water sounds nasty, but your weekend sounds kinda perfect! i adore your second-last shot, the one of the river thames. so pretty!!