Wednesday, March 11, 2015

making it til wednesday

Wednesday, hump day, whatever you want to call it, but by Wednesday I'm ready to call it quits for the week. I have really long days on Monday and Wednesday, class from 9 to 4, but then Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, I'm done by 11 because I only have one class. So basically I just have to survive until Wednesday at 4, then I can take a deep breath because I only have two more classes between me and the weekend. And Wednesday nights are turning into my mid-week break.

The crossfit box I go to started yoga classes every Wednesday and Saturday, and I figure flexibility is good. You know, connecting with your soul, achieving zen or whatever. I thought it would be easy and relaxing, and while you don't leave dripping in sweat or out of breath, yoga is dang hard guys. Geez louise. I saw all these teeny tiny girls and thought, oh, I've totally got this. I do crossfit, I can bend and twist and lift myself off the ground, right? Nope. But I have fun trying, you know? My favorite part is at the end, where you just lie on the ground in the dark to soothing music for like 5 minutes, and the instructor comes around with essential oils or something that smells really good, and I always get in my car and turn on some Jack Johnson and drive home so relaxed. It's the perfect way to destress after my crazy first half of the week. It's blissful. I come home from school and watch some Friends or How I Met Your Mother because I made it this far, then I go to yoga and I come home and have a smoothie and am just generally satisfied with life. Wednesday night, I like you. You can stay.

Sincerely, mad

PS can we just talk about how good mount timp looks? I kept seeing peeks of it between buildings today and let me just say, I'm swooning. Timp, you're lookin good. iPhone pics don't do you justice.

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