Wednesday, March 4, 2015

national pancake day

Yesterday was national pancake day, so IHOP was giving out free pancakes. Naturally, being the college, free-food loving girls that we are, we headed over around 7 to find a penguin huddle spilling out the doors and a 45 minute wait to get a table. Since we were starving and Sara had a griddle that has sat unopened in our room since the beginning of the year, we called on plan b, hitting the creamery for bisquik and eggo waffles and then grabbing all of the toppings we already had in our rooms. We ended up with honey, peanut butter, syrup, strawberries, nutella, and butter. Hayley proved her master pancake making skills while Jessie played Friends in the background and we had a pancake party on the floor. It might even have been better than IHOP. It was definitely better than homework.

Sincerely, mad

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